Longtime PA Tourism Association President to Retire

(6/4/10) For over 20 years, Barry Wickes, served as President of the Pennsylvania Association of Tourism and Lodging (PTLA).  Barry is a tremendous advocate for both tourist destinations and hotels across Pennsylvania.  His influence extends well beyond his own organization though.  Barry brought civility and common sense to Pennsylvania’s association community through PTLA, PASAE and PACVB.  It may sound like alphabet soup, but he really touched people deeply.   Barry’s impact is incalculable.  His retirement from PTLA is a loss for Pennsylvania, but a personal win for Barry.  For 20 years, he earned his retirement each and every day. Now he will have the flexibility to choose what projects he wants to become involved with.   We wish him all the best. 

Read the article in the June 4, 2010, Central Penn Business Journal at http://www.centralpennbusiness.com/article-multiple/81933-longtime-pa-tourism-association-chief-to-move-on  



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