8 Year Old Boy Hospitalized in Pit Bull Attack (Hanover, PA)

8-year-old Boy Hospitalized in Pit Bull Attack (Hanover, PA) 

Two Pit Bulls jumped a fence to attack an 8-year-old boy and his mother who were visiting from Groton, CT. Police had to shoot one of the two dogs to end the attack. The boy was hospitalized with severe injuries to the back of his head and both ears. The mother sustained injuries to both arms and was later released from a local hospital. Read Police: Boy attacked by dogs in Hanover, one dog shot, by Joseph Deinlein, York Daily Record (Hanover, PA) 6/2/10

The question to ask is why these dogs attacked in the first place? Had they been trained as fighting dogs? Had they been chained or tethered for long periods of time? How can we prevent such brutal dog attacks in the future? 

Whether these dogs were tethered is not known. What is known however is that 2 million children in the US each year are attacked by dogs. Furthermore, dogs that have been tethered (regardless of breed) are 2.8 times more likely to bite than dogs that have not been tethered. Tethering is the practice of chaining a dog in the yard 24/7 like a lawn ornament.  Tethering produces aggressive and poorly socialized animals. You can help stop this cruel and dangerous practice by supporting statewide anti-tethering legislation.  Help save countless children from violent and senseless injury. Join the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Tethering at www.unchainpadogs.com

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