College Graduates Enter Job Market in Challenging Times

Todays college graduates enter the job market in the most challenging of times:  a lingering recession with prospects for another recession or a jobless recovery.  After commencement, the graduating class of 2010 will enter the workforce, launch their careers and begin their adult lives. From this point forward, what they do, and how they do it will not just shape their lives, but will impact a much broader community. What they do next will touch all of us.  Some graduates however, like so many from Gettysburg College have a head start.  While graduates of most Colleges and Universities focused on their traditional academic studies, their sports and their fraternities, graduates of Gettysburg College added public service to the curricula.  This makes all the difference. The charge to the Gettysburg College class of 2010 today was this:  build your careers and build your families, but balance this with volunteerism, service to others and leadership — every day — with passion and with purpose. Congratulations Gettysburg College Graduates.  Not only can you make a difference, but you must make a difference.  Now go forth and “Do Great Work”.

The message is clear!

David A. Ross (@DavidARossAssoc) has shared a Tweet with you:

“DavidARossAssoc: #2010gbc Ceremony sent clear message. Graduates- go forth and “Do Great Work”. Volunteer, serve & be leaders for change.”

Robert Egger Press Release with link to live video feed of Commencement.


Five Minutes Before Commencement.


Notes: Five minutes before Commencement. Magnificent venue. Couldn’t ask for better weather. Faculty and platform party of parents on the lawn before stately Penn Hall, Gettysburg College. Gettysburg, PA. (May 16 11:00 am) Live video is available. I’ll post that link next. The Class of 2010 files in and take their seats-looking for their friends and family. Lots more to follow….

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